A child is a real cosmos | Dziecko to prawdziwy kosmos

In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few.
Shunryu Suzuki

(trans. by myself)

Dorota Pyra
DailyHaiga - 02.06.2012 
Dorota Pyra's blog: rozsypany-czas 

A child is indeed a real cosmos (vide: Dorota Pyra's astonishing haiga).
And its imaginationa planet not discovered to the end, which attracts ideas straight from its childish knowledge.

patyk i kamień
dzisiaj znów moje dziecko
stwarza świat

stick and stone
today my child again
creates a world

The hero of Dorota's lovely haikuTHE CHILDplaying with things already well known in prehistory (a stick and pebble) is able to create on the sand or on a small piece of ground ITS OWN WORLD.
It is the world perhaps even without adjectives; it is still the world of chaotic lines and geometric shapes, but also it is the world in which a stick changes into a magic wand, and the child becomes a magician of possibilities.

From the point of view of child (as well as of an adult) the world seems to be an eternity, which he/she experiences every moment, and which the child sees during encounter with the rule of chaos constantly modified by childish possibilities in the course of its daily play.

It is just in it that the seed of the art lies.

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