Another plagiarisms by Jacek Margolak sent to WHA Haiga Contest | Następne plagiaty J. Margolaka

 The post about

42 cases of plagiarisms or copyright infringements
by Jacek Margolak


41. plagiarism: 2011-12

Co chwila nowe olśnienie: blog J. Margolaka
Every moment a new insight: J. Margolak's blog

       1.                                     2.
J. Margolak's piracy published at his blog on December 13, 2011 

"Credits, Copyright and Disclaimer: The images are part of the Product "Corel Gallery" by Corel. The Images may not be saved or downloaded and are only to be used for viewing purposes."
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14. plagiarism: 2007-01

The 71st. WHA Haiga Contest (01/2007)

 1.                                                         2.

J. Margolak's piracy published in WHA Haiga Contest 

The 41st. WHA Haiga Contest (01/2007)

Jacek Margolak (Poland)
2.35 out of 3.00 points

New Year's dawn
my old father
talks in sleep

Judge's comment: The photograph itself is good. When combined with the verse, however, I feel uneasy. If the verse is to be visualized, the photo should at least be about interior of a house or something, certainly not outside.

original's source: 

8. plagiarism: 2006-05

The 33rd. WHA Haiga Contest (05/2006)

haiku po polsku: Magazyn i forum twórców haiku po polsku, Maj 2006

haiku in Polish: a journal and forum of authors of haiku in Polish-language, May 2006

1.                                                           2.

 The 33rd. WHA Haiga Contest (04/2006)

Jacek Margolak (Poland)
 chill of the cave -
sound of dripping water
pierces my body

2.30 out of 3.00

Judge's comment: The photograph is a bet too ambiguous. Perhaps more effective if the photograph is bluer in color.



 J. Margolak's piracy published also in the haiku in Polish on May, 2006
 The haiga appeared along with the statement, 'haiku i foto: Jacek Margolak'


original's source: http://www.pwn.pl/illustration_gallery.html?module=galeria&idt=109516&id=1&od=9
Raj Cave, dripstone formation

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