Daily Haiga - Master Haiga Artist Jacek Margolak sent 7th plagiarism to this haiga webzine (part 10)

The most comprehensive post about this addicted plagiarizer:

42 cases of plagiarisms or copyright infringements
by Jacek Margolak


Kolejny plagiat J. Margolaka:
jego bocian wylądował w gnieździe prawdy.

Another plagiarism by Master Haiga Artist Jacek Margolak (he was given  this honorable title by WHA Haiga Contest Judge Kuniharu Shimizu in June 2010 )

Well. his stark  has just landed in the nest of truth.

Haiga appeared in Daily Haiga:

14 July 2010

first warm breeze
a stork flutters
from the barn’s roof


What a shame! 
This is seventh plagiarism offense, which Jacek Margolak just sent to DailyHaiga!!!

photo © 2009 H Buergermeister

I 've already reported on my blog  (the first post: 30.11. 2011) more of many such cases in his haiga career (eg. WHA, Sketchbook, some images in his blog).
And there are more and more plagiarazed haiga found in his publication (eg. WHA Haiga Contests).
He now camouflages his plagiarisms.

His real talent we can see here:

Plesae enlarge image above  to view "perfect" details (left and right corner and 3 legs of stark, especially).

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