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Coming soon... Haiga by Dorota Pyra and Lech Szeglowski

Special Feature: Haiga by Dorota Pyra and Lech Szeglowski
A great merit of universal haiga and haiku forms is that it gives a perfect picture of the means for dialoging between people. The decadal history of a stimulating artistic cooperation between Dorota and Lech, originating from the same town, Gdansk, Poland, is one of these. A few years after coming up with haiku poetry and conjoint perusal of its theory and poetics they decided to start combining the words with pictures.
By her art interests and education, Dorota has faced this genre of haiga, merging firstly her own, and then also Lech’s haiku and short poems with her photographs. That form of artistic expression has became for them a source of searching the elementary means, which stresses the simplicity of beauty, and develops imagination.
All the photo-haiga presented here were created by Dorota. A large part of her work contains her haiku, another includes his poems. However, their each and every haiga is an example of the subtle and long-standing mutual creative interaction between two people who share a similar sensibility and special fascination with Japanese aesthetics.
Posted: 2 August 2013

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  1. Dziękuję w imieniu Doroty jak i moim.

  2. Serdecznie dziękuję (Dorota również), Marto, za gratulacje i za tak miłą opinię.
    L :)

  3. Super. Bardzo się cieszę i gratuluję.


  4. Również serdecznie gratuluję :)


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